26 janvier 2013

Maman les ptits marteaux... but France is not enough!

I just opened my blog a few days ago... I mean my french blog, the one called "Maman les ptits marteaux..." after a kid song, and after my favourite tool: my hammer. But I don't use it a lot these days because I am not a geologist anymore. Well, not right now.... If I had to choose what I am, I would say a Mom (and that's already big enough, right?) and a sewer. A passionate mom and a passionate sewer.  I only began sewing a year ago and since then I've been hooked, body and soul.

When I started my blog I naturally did it in French (well, I'm French after all, that's fair enough). But sadly French is not so much spoken in the whole world, and the magic of the Internet is all about learning, talking and sharing with people from everywhere. It had to be in English.

I know my English is not perfect and it may discourage you from reading more... but I'll try and that's the best way I know to make it better. And you can help too! PLEASE if you see some mistake or bad turn of phrase, I would be more than happy if you correct it. Thanks in advance to my censorious proofreaders... and I hope some of you will like what you see. 

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