30 janvier 2013

Lovely dolls

When I was pregnant for the second time, people kept telling me it would be nice to find a present for my 2yo girl. And of course, the best for her was to have her own baby just like Mom! That in mind I began looking after lovely Waldorf dolls on etsy and I found out that it might be not so difficult to make one by myself... I finally ordered a kit from a great french doll maker (Bulle de Gum) and it came with all the supplies and a very well done booklet.

In the end it was long, very long, but totally doable. And I loved so much to see this little doll becoming alive in my hands. After a few hours of another kind of baby making (very faster and so much a bit more painful), we both had our doll to cradle and cherish.







Waldorf Doll - Kit Petite Bulle, Bulle de Gum

Organic jersey skin, cherry wool hair, brown and pale pink DMC threads


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