26 janvier 2013

First steps...

First thing I learned: when you want to enter the Homemade world, it's good to choose a pattern that matches your skills. A year ago, I had absolutely none. And after spending hours drooling over nice blogs, I found a cute french pattern from Her Little World: a raglan blouse with nice pleats on the front (Délicate tunic): not too difficult, not too simple either...

The very first time I turned on my brand new sewing machine, I realized it would have been wiser to work with a simpler pattern, and most importantly with very sturdy, cheap, and not too nice fabric. That way you can happily ruin it for the time it takes to know your machine!! Logically I chose one of the cutest, delicate and expensive fabrics I could find: Liberty.

I didn't count the hours spent doing and undoing the same seam, hurting my fingers on the seam ripper, searching and learning sewing tricks from the web. And after a few changes to the pattern (not the smartest ones...) I ended up with the result below. The neckline is not straight, the sleeves would have been nicer without changing their length, but the front pleats are charming. I learnt so much with this doggy blouse, just for that we love it here!

Délicate Her little World Plum Dog

Délicate, Her little World - 2T

Liberty Plum dog grey

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