30 janvier 2013

Lolita gets dressed up!

Poor Lolita!  She stayed naked for two long months (some warm and sunny months, I'm not a monster). But when autumn came, we had to take action! I made a combination of all the tunic and bloomer patterns I found and tataaaaaa: Citronille DIY dress found on Happy Doll - Bloomer homemade pattern Liberty Plum Dog grey, charcoal linen (Fabric.com)  
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26 janvier 2013

First steps...

First thing I learned: when you want to enter the Homemade world, it's good to choose a pattern that matches your skills. A year ago, I had absolutely none. And after spending hours drooling over nice blogs, I found a cute french pattern from Her Little World: a raglan blouse with nice pleats on the front (Délicate tunic): not too difficult, not too simple either... The very first time I turned on my brand new sewing machine, I realized it would have been wiser to work with a simpler pattern, and most importantly with very... [Lire la suite]
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